While in the black and white of your pictures I just see the light, perhaps a reflection of our common breathing, like a breath happens to me to revive a social bond.

Catherine: teacher, head of the New Educator (Education Journal of the Freinet movement) Apologies: Delphine, Helene, Yves, Sophie and Frederick could not be present today and we did know. Watching the film, “Tomorrow will be more beautiful than today” (Director, D. Delattre 2011 release “Someday maybe ‘) This documentary traces the evolution of 3 children of undocumented parents who have deployed each in his way to extraordinary lengths to support their parents.

It’s a film that makes you think of the political violence and its effects on children. Reactions, reflections, following the screening, in the presence of D. Delattre “The singularities allow the similarities. The improbable meetings show similarities beyond different cultures … Common point between the children: their maturities are both positive and also negative versus which prevent them from express parts of themselves. The children in the film support their fathers.

Fathers are at the forefront and mothers are sometimes nonexistent. The hyper maturity concept signals a fragile environment (be careful with the word of maturity). They are victims of political violence.

Futures thinking about these impacts. “Sometimes you need (it must be the case for me these days) of not too violent halftone see very pale color pictures sometimes attack me simply. While in the black and white of your pictures I just see the light how to do my homework
, perhaps a reflection of our common breathing, like a breath happens to me to revive a social bond. While an intake too much oxygen would see brutal possibly fatal, it happens. Is it not the same for walking versus running, whisper compared to cry?

Even perhaps reflection and sharing in mutual listening over the altercation aggressive debates? Sometimes we need to shout, to run, to attack. But on Saturday I felt something light and peaceful, which is expressed by the light of your black and white. To me probably find non aggressive strong colors that would also translate this air benefactor. Perhaps that this Saturday the color was to be reserved for the beautiful film Dominica?

But perhaps just as I digress a little … After long time of exchange and discussion of the south: We continued the afternoon with a “What’s New”, which has allowed us to evoking the start of natural pottery courses at St. Amand, in connection with the Surville group (Montereau). We also discussed the issue of transfer of experience, the problem of “turnover” of actors involved in innovation.

We also exchanged on “street school”, “nomadic schools” but it was time to stop … but back Pascale wrote a text that we offer: The traveling school see below or download by clicking the link Finally, we are given an appointment for the next “Site” May 7 from 10:00 to 16: 30 am to Traces, a place called “Factory” (23 / 25 rue Ramponeau 75020 Paris Metro Belleville) SCHOOL AMBULANTE We can not tinker with reforms, put bandages on wounds that become necrotic without putting flat all the education issues that extend beyond from school. (Read about the remarkable text by Michel Serres “Educating the twenty-first century”: http://www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2011/03/05/eduquer-au-xxie-siecle_1488298_3232.html) If the African proverb is infinitely true is the whole village, the whole adult world must challenge and it’s a sacred site in perspective so often …. we each hack in his garage and in the best cases we cooperate in small business or association structures. The role of each in an educational project can it be defined as clearly as had imagined those who founded public, secular and compulsory education as we know it today?

Obviously not. There is still voluntary or no interaction, positive or not but usually uncontrolled and uncontrollable in the reductive logic of “every man his job.” control to institutionally is a possibility that often leads to very rigid administrative structures declared in cooperatively because life is not an institution.

St-Ex wrote: “Life creates order but the order does not create life” This little phrase often used me as a safeguard, Polaris when I shambles or that I feel guilty for being too messy, not constant enough, enough … and tired of fighting against the windmills! Today, I continue to work in an environment that is becoming more demanding: big structure, little space, little time and a maximum of administrative or material sticks in the wheels.

I have often been tempted to cast off and go elsewhere. I always regularly, reading the chronicles of interludes or the writings of Bernard Collot but, reading the testimonies sometimes disenchanted those who risked the adventure, I quickly found what always chosen me. The experimental schools have experimented other non-confined water practices are rare I think.

What I call “protected environment” is one where parents choose their school, its teaching and teachers … where they also choose more or less by material removal on the basis of financial or local option, associative, comrades, the environment in which their children will change. As with the unpredictable effects of GMOs or antibacterial abuse, the risks are heavy long term on many levels: the sterilization of the medium does not necessarily rhyme with the logic of expensive living Celestin FREINET.

Among them, the pressure that inevitably will these parents since they finance or actually participate in school life (pressure that thinking positively is a great engine, but if it comes from egocentric and powerful families can become very smelly). The ideological confinement in an artificial universe: a “laboratory”, where children as teachers or families gradually lost the idea of ??what others live around is also a choice that can be dangerous since it imply that other similar structures prolong the illusion in adult life, which is far from assured.

I’m not an exhaustive list, it is open to too many possible … What seemed positive in the secular ideal, mandatory public was brewing, that we do not choisissions more than in the life in general anything that would resonate with the educational method that we choose us as a family, for our children. The educational intermarriage, it was quite a revolution in the era of black hussars.

She still allowed generations of kids out of their original environment, to rub shoulders with others and to be open to other cultures … and sometimes access to a better standard of living their parents, in the best case, of course, without leading inevitably “the best of all worlds.” What enabled this openness to others, it was an institutional, rather rigid and fairly restrictive with questionable models today, including a colonial spirit in metropolitan provinces, a Republican formatting “work family homeland” that its limitations and even its nuisance. This framework, as the current reforms was imposed “from above” by thinkers who felt probably be smarter than their peers and have the truth, the right model … little cooperation in history or always ” sidelines “little permeability of information, training between socially professions involved in education, health, social assistance, continuing education of people.

The result is before our eyes. In the current chaos, infantrymen of the republic, where they are placed in the institutional structure have little real power to change it from within. Most often, it wears out, crushed, the sanctions if they too publicly displayed hint. So do us he remains “anger, only anger …” as Paul wrote THE BOHEC?

He wrote but did not believe it of course because he continued to fight to the last word against the absurd.

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